Transgender Ideology’s Perverted Author

Where did the crazy, unscientific idea that human beings can just choose their gender at will come from?

The whole transgender ideology, which seems to have suddenly erupted into the public square, had its sordid beginning at Johns Hopkins University, where a twisted psychologist named Dr. John Money conducted a highly unethical experiment on twin boys.

Bruce and Brian Reimer were born in 1965 in Canada to working-class parents. Bruce’s penis had been accidentally destroyed during a botched circumcision. The boys’ parents heard about Dr. Money’s unconfirmed theory that gender was merely a social construct not linked to biological sex, so they went to Baltimore to seek his advice.

Money convinced them to castrate Bruce, surgically alter his genitals, change his name to Brenda, and raise him as a girl. Money hailed his experiment with the twins as a huge success and received a great deal of academic acclaim for “proving” his theory of gender fluidity.

But Money’s experiment was anything but a success. As a psychiatrist and author Dr. Miriam Grossman explained in a YouTube interview with well-known psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, the end result of his tampering with biological reality was catastrophic for the Reimers.

“Every year, they would come down [to Baltimore] for a visit and the parents would spend time speaking with Dr. Money. Dr. Money would take the twins without the parents into his office and spend time with the twins,” which included sexually abusing them, Grossman said. “So this went on for years.”

At age 13, “Brenda” refused to see Money again and the Reimers reluctantly told him and his brother the truth.

Meanwhile, Money continued to write and lecture on “his famous landmark study.” 

“We didn’t find out what really happened with the twins until decades later,” Grossman noted. But by then, “his theory became doctrine.” Money even published a self-congratulatory book on his twin study in 1996.

However, “Brenda” (who had since transitioned back to a man, changed his name to David and was married to a woman) blew the lid on Money’s hoax. 

In a 1997 interview with Rolling Stone, David Reimer said that Money would show the young prepubescent brothers sexually explicit photos, order them to strip and assume sexual positions.

In another interview before his death at age 38, David said that “my parents didn’t know what was going on. If they knew, it never would have happened. The medical community was under the impression that my case was a success story. I was shocked.”

David and his mother Janet appeared on Oprah in 2000, where she admitted that listening to Money had been a horrible mistake. 

“I tried desperately to fit in,” David told Oprah, but never did because his biological reality was male, not female, down to the chromosomal level. And contrary to Dr. Money’s theory, that reality cannot be changed.

“It was a terrible disaster,” Grossman said. “He committed suicide and his twin brother died of an opiate overdose. Trauma is not enough to describe what that family went through.”

“This experiment couldn’t possibly have gone more cataclysmically wrong than it did,” Peterson added. “Not only was what Money was saying was not true, in the technical scientific sense, it was anti-truth and he falsified the data and it culminated in the death of two people, the demolition of a family, and the perversion of an entire culture.”

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