Trans are Threatening 60 Years of Feminism

In 1972 Title IX of the Education Amendments was signed into law by President Richard Nixon. This law prohibited sex discrimination in any educational or extracurricular activity that received federal funding. If high schools and higher ed wanted to keep the federal gravy train flowing, they were required to provide the same opportunities and budgets for girls’ programs as they had for boys’ programs. Title IX opened up the floodgates for many girls and young women to participate in all kinds of sporting activities.  According to the History Channel there were only some 300,000 girls competing in school sports programs in the 1970’s. Today there are more than 3 million. By all accounts Title IX was a huge success and feminists for years have lauded this law as a catalyst for change and an important milestone for the equal treatment of women.

Lia Thomas the Man who Toppled Feminism

Now with the advent of transgender male athletes competing head-to-head with women, we are now seeing all the gains for girls’ programs thrown out the proverbial window. Case in point Penn swimmer, William ‘Will’ Thomas, who competes as a woman using the name of Lia. Thomas competed for three years as relatively mediocre male swimmer at Penn and then “transitioned” to a woman by partaking in only one year of testosterone suppression therapy which is what is stipulated by the NCAA in order for a man to compete against women.   

Thomas spent 21 years producing and developing the musculature of a man including the typical broad shoulders, large feet and hands, and reaching the height of 6’3” from a steady diet of testosterone. All of these physical attributes are a distinct advantage especially in the sport of swimming. In addition, due to his male anatomy, Thomas has a higher oxygen carrying capacity than the women he is competing against. Is it any surprise that he placed first in the 500 freestyle at the NCAA national championship this year beating two female Olympic medalists? 

Yet Another Example of Feminism Collapsing

While there has been some backlash from proponents of women’s sports like the organization Save Women’s Sports, most of the radical, vocal feminists are silent at this utter betrayal of women. The same is true with Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Health, Richard Levine (a.k.a. Rachel), being named by USA Today as being one of twelve “Women of the Year” again no comment from feminists.  Where is the feminist outrage for two men claiming the title, honor and glory from real women? Where is the equity of Title IX now?

In the past, any man that belittled a woman in this way would have been labeled as a male chauvinist pig or a misogynist, but not anymore. You also don’t hear anything from the pro-woman crowd about the exploitation of women in the media or those who are being trafficked on the southern border. The feminists have proved that all this noise about equality the last sixty years has been nothing but a farce and seemingly the only thing these radical women really care about is the access to abortion.


NCAA Wokeness is Throwing Women to the Curb

The NCAA and Ivy League is no better. According to an editorial in Swimming World Magazine, the editor in chief John Lohn states, “From the early days of the Lia [Will] Thomas debate, the conference and college-sport governing body made it clear they would wholly support one swimmer over hundreds of athletes. They made it clear that Thomas was a priority. They made it clear that their female athletes – specifically swimmers – were inconsequential.” The NCAA’s statement as a justification for allowing men to compete against women claims it, “…embraces the evolving science on this issue.” This is pure propaganda, targeted social engineering and purposely worded to plant the seeds of doubt into impressionable and uniformed minds to garner widespread support for this atrocity. If the NCAA really cared about following the science, they would correctly affirm that any male (regardless of testosterone suppression and/or estrogen therapy) can never be a female as every cell in his body decries his delusion of being a woman.

Those who display gender dysphoria are experiencing a severe psychological disorder. It is similar to a 90-pound anorexia patient claiming they are fat, as the mind somehow detaches from reality and creates a new world which is totally based on inner feelings and falsehoods. Those afflicted by gender dysphoria also suffer from an enormous spiritual wound as they have repudiated the very gift God has given them – the gift of themselves exactly as He created them.

People experiencing gender dysphoria need psychological and spiritual counseling – not phony, hollow awards that only reinforce their delusion.   

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