They Lied People Died

During a Monday night football game this week Buffalo Bill’s safety, Damar Hamilton, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest after being hit. Thankfully due to quick and professional medical care he was revived on site and later transported to the hospital. He remains in critical condition. It is not known whether his heart attack was the direct result of a hit or for some other reason. However, there does remain one burning question. Why are so many highly trained young athletes worldwide collapsing during athletic events?


A new book by Ed Dowd entitled Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 hopes to answer this question. This book was written in partnership with RFK’s organization, Children’s Health Defense, and published by Skyhorse. It is already a number one best seller.


Dowd, a former Blackrock executive portfolio manager, uses the analytical skills that he honed observing the data patterns of successful companies that earned billions for hedge funds on Wall Street to present a commentary on the unprecedented uptick in “all-cause mortality” during the last two years. Dowd points out that the dramatic increase in all-cause mortality is coincidently correlated with the advent of mandated mRNA shots. He presents three smoking guns to advance his theory that the mRNA shots have either killed or disabled an inordinate amount of people. Although Dowd freely admits that correlation does not necessarily mean causation, the data he presents is certainly worth looking at.


Smoking Gun #1 – Excess Deaths in Millennials in 2021

In the time between March 2021 and February 2022, 61,000 more millennial aged people (25-44) died. This represented a huge spike above the prior 5-year base trend line (2015-2019). Sceptics attribute the increase in deaths due to drug overdoses, suicides and missed medical treatments during the lockdowns. While these factors may have contributed, Dowd argues that, “It’s statistically impossible that in a three-month period, all those events up-ticked simultaneously across the country.”


You may recall that the CEO of OneAmerica Insurance Company, Scott Davison, publicly admitted in January of 2022 on a Zoom call that the death rate of working age people (18-64) was 40% higher that it had been pre-pandemic. He said, Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three sigma or 200-year catastrophe would be a 10 percent increase over pre-pandemic levels. So, 40 percent is just unheard of.” Fact checkers at the time attributed these deaths to solely to Covid-19, but we now know that the vast majority of people (95%) who died from Covid-19 were aged 50 and older with severe comorbidities. Therefore, Covid-19 alone could not have contributed to excess deaths in people under 50.


Smoking Gun #2 – Shift in Age of Deaths from 2020-2021

As the Covid-19 virus began to mutate into a more transmissible, but less lethal strain like Omicron and its BA variants, an unusual phenomenon occurred. The excess deaths were now occurring in younger populations and excess deaths of the elderly declined. Why did 45,000 more people under the age of 65 die in 2021 when the virus was less virulent, compared to number of deaths of this group in 2020?


The Millennial generation was the hardest hit as the virus itself posed little risk to this traditionally young and healthy cohort. According to Dowd, their deaths are equal to two times the losses in the Vietnam War, three times the losses in the Korean War, and ten times the losses of thirty years of conflict in the Middle East. Why no one in the mainstream media is at least asking about this is a travesty.


Smoking Gun #3 – Report Published by the Society of Actuaries Research Institute (SOA)

Actuaries analyze, through the use of mathematics and statistics, financial costs and risks. In August of this year, the SOA published their group Covid-19 mortality survey report. This report highlighted 2021’s excess mortality rate during Quarter 3 of 78% for the age group 25-34; and a 100% excess mortality rate for the age group 35-44.


Quarter 3 (July – September) of 2021 just happened to coincide with the Biden vaccine mandates. Many working aged people were being pressured by their employers during this time to get the mRNA shot, submit to weekly testing or lose their jobs.  Late in August of that year the FDA gave their official approval to the Pfizer Comirnaty version of the shot, which was not yet available and overrode their prior emergency use authorization. This gave federal/state governments and employers the cover they needed to pressure employees to become vaccinated.


Dowd has also chronicled the number of disabilities that surfaced in 2021. He posted the following to social media, “US Bureau of Labor Statistics Disability Data: Bottom line: 3 million increase in disabled since Jan [20]21 and notice in the second chart the sharp rate of change y[ear]/y[ear] & remains elevated to this day. What change began in the beginning of 2021?” In a recent podcast, Dowd claimed that there are 1.7 million Americans who have been placed on disability from February 2021 to November 2022 due to the Covid-19 vaccines.


Are the mRNA shots “safe and effective” as they were billed? We did not think so, and GMC published an article almost a year ago called Neither Safe nor Effective.  Now Ed Dowd and his colleagues have produced even more data that questions the vaccine’s safety. If you are still not convinced, you can read his new book or visit his site yourself at THEY LIED, PEOPLE DIED.


Even if Dowd’s theory is way off base and the deaths are really due to something else, we should still be having a robust national discussion because what we are witnessing is an incredible health crisis for young adults. Don’t hold your breath for this as there have been so much secrecy (the FDA wanted to hide the Pfizer data for 75 years) and emotional manipulation (getting the vaccine is a moral obligation, “an act of love”) regarding these mRNA shots. We can only hope and pray that if what Dowd claims is true, that the organizations and agencies who propagated this experimental gene therapy on the public will one day be brought to justice. In the meantime, pray for Damar’s family and all other families that have suffered an unexplained disability or loss of a loved one these past two years.

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