The Truth Causes So Much Anger

Have you noticed lately how much anger there is in the progressive movement? The movement unabashedly claims the transformation of society is the only way to cleanse a culture which has always been tainted and immoral. Without a doubt, the culture is being transformed in the progressive image, from the rise in perverted sexual orientations to cancelling a whole group of people based only upon the color of their skin.  So many wins for the progressives, but yet, the anger in on the rise. How do you make sense of the contradiction where a side is getting what they want but not happy about winning?

The contradiction is perplexing if you only analyze it without the Truth, or without God’s influence in the world. When we add God to the conversation, the conundrum collapses and all becomes clear. For those who believe, God is an active partner in human events.   He is such an active partner because God in his infinite love and compassion wishes that all people be saved and come to know his Truth. His grace is constantly afforded to every human being regardless if a conscience is clear or very hardened or regularly ignored.  For those who know God’s grace in their life, His grace acts a silent, yet noticeable lure to do good and avoid evil.  

When a person works with God’s grace, and lives a life which produces good acts, the person’s conscience is clear and there is a certain level of peacefulness. Being at peace with one’s self rarely, if ever, produces anger and rage.

On the other hand, if a life is in conflict, peace becomes a hard thing to come by, and the void is often filled with anger. From this perspective there is no contradiction, no conundrum, all becomes quite understandable. Then how does a life become so conflicted?  The answer does not resides in common parlance and logic; it can only be understood in theological terms.   

When God’s grace is given to a human being, He is literally offering an invitation into His divine life. The invitation is the revelation of the Truth, for God cannot change, nor can his life be anything but the Truth. Even evil people are invited into His life through grace. Human beings however, have free choice and can outrightly reject the grace and choose to continue on with their evil lives. The evil one, the devil, is proof of this fact. Remaining in evil has only one result, anger and the desire to act out on the anger by bring chaos to every situation possible. Obviously, the opposite of peace.  

The reason there is so much anger out there is because there are so many people who are in conflict internally with the Truth. They receive the Truth through God’s grace, but yet their actions and thoughts are in opposition to the Truth. God wills life, yet the many people believe in death through abortions, wars, street violence and euthanasia. 

God’s Truth is clear for millennia about the proper use of human sexuality. Yet in the world, there are many promoting deviant sexual behaviors which degrade the dignity of a person. The conflict between the Truth and what is accepted by too many people breed discontent and then anger.    

Last, but by no means least, is the pandemic of the many untruthful statements made by government leaders, corporations heads, media moguls and just plain folk to control others. The interior conflict is the same, and the effect is the same, anger and chaos.

What a great God we worship and love who even offers His grace to those who refuse it.  What a great God we worship and love who never stops trying.        

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