The Invasion of Afghanistan and America’s Tone Deafness

The falling of the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, to the Taliban this past weekend is a bitter lesson of how tenuous the world is at this time in history.  Regardless of political affiliation, the Biden administration is being criticized for the horrendous withdrawal of American troops leaving many Afghan citizens in the face of certain violence, oppression, and death, especially against women.    

There is no doubt, many will be killed, tortured, mutilated when the Taliban takes complete control of the country and begins to implement Sharia law.  A colossal and tragic outcome as a result of “tone deaf” elitists who have led the country for the past 30 years.  The nonsense of both of the Bush Administrations, along with the neo-conservatives who believed the United States should be in the business of nation building without ever consulting how local human beings wish to live out their lives in freedom. Of course, it didn’t matter because of the hubris of the elitist cast who think they exist to run other people’s lives while at the same time bloating the military complex for their own enrichment. The profits never make it back to the men and women who die or are horribly injured. After all, the pawns are set up in the front of the chessboard for a reason.

When George W. thankfully used up his time in the White House, the nation elected Barack Obama who left his impression on the 20-year lost war in Afghanistan. You may recall during his tenure, Obama worked diligently to release prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without due process of military law.  The Daily Mail reports a Taliban commander boasted to have spent eight years in the military prison and now is occupying the palace in Kabul, the center of the fallen Afghanistan government. A classic example of recidivism.  

We now come to the Biden fiasco. During his address to the nation yesterday, Biden seemingly blamed the Afghanistan army, past presidents and who knows else, for the debacle of a country completely being overrun in just two days. After the blame game was finished, Biden did admit, to his credit and borrowing Harry Truman’s line, “the buck stops with him”.  His buck is also a type of tone deafness much like previous administrations, but different. His deafness is not a belief in nation building, nor is it a social justice program of letting criminals free, but something much more relevant and important—social engineering.

The Biden administration was committed to exporting the wokeness of America to an ancient land and civilization. Those poor people in the Middle East have lived centuries without ever contemplating the “must have” knowledge of gender studies to benefit and move their society out of the eighth century.

How could the Afghan people possibly advance a civilization and civil rights of their country without being taught a girl can become a boy and a boy a girl?  How could possibly Afghanistan add anything to the world if they first didn’t know men can have a menstrual cycles and/or become pregnant?   How can the Afghan women be truly free of patriarchy without the opportunity of aborting their child at any age and at any time?

The leaders in America have long been on the wrong road for many years. Why would anybody think a nation who has lost its way, help another country find theirs?

All we can do now is pray hard for the people of Afghanistan to be spared, and pray also for our country who has lost its ability to hear the truth.  

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