SCOTUS Leaker Still Free

Only 40 Possible Suspects

The Supreme Court of the United States has begun its 2022-2023 session this October. There are many cases on the docket, and some of interest include: an admission case against Harvard and the University of North Carolina for allegedly discriminating against highly qualified Asian applicants; an election clause case in North Carolina to decide whether the state senators/representatives or the state’s supreme court can determine the time and manner of elections; a freedom of speech case in Colorado where a web designer has declined to create a homosexual wedding webpage; and a case in Idaho where the EPA has prevented the owners of a piece of property from building a home on it.

While many of these cases deserve our attention as they strike at the heart of the culture war and government overreach, none of them will have the significant and historic impact that the Dobbs decision had last summer. In thinking back to that case, it has been seven months since the Dobbs decision was unceremoniously leaked by someone in the inner circle of the SCOTUS. Based on what transpired after the leak, why hasn’t the perpetrator been identified yet?

Due to the timing of the leak, many conservative justices were hounded at their homes before they left for the summer recess. Justice Alito remarked that the leak caused the justices to become “targets for assassination” and the leak was “a grave betrayal of trust by somebody.” Brett Kavanaugh even had a credible death threat to himself and his family as an armed nutcase from California was found near the Kavanaugh home arrested for attempted murder.

In a Newsweek op-ed, a leftist law professor theorized that one of the conservative justices leaked the decision in order to quell any last minute change a wavering justice might have made before the decision was officially released. His logic is shaky at best. Knowing the possible repercussions of this decision, the justices in the majority would want to be as far away from D.C. as possible before the decision was made public. They were all still in the D.C. area at the time of the leak and some have underage children living with them. GMC reported on this last May in our article If You Can’t Pack It, Break It

The American people have a right to know exactly what happened and who was responsible for the civil unrest that ensued as a result of the leak. Many prolife pregnancy centers and churches became targets as well. It should not be that hard to narrow down the list of people who had access to the draft decision. According to the Washington Post, only forty individuals, including the justices and their clerks, were authorized to view the draft. A qualified investigator should have seized the phones and electronic devices to search for digital fingerprints of copying or transmitting the document. At the time of the leak, Chief Justice Roberts promised a full investigation.

This case does not seem that hard to solve. Unless of course the Supreme Court, like the rest of the branches of government, has been co-opted. If that’s the case, we will never know the truth. It is no wonder that so-called “conspiracy theories” abound. The last two years have shown us that the only difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about six months. Matters like the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the ineffectiveness of masking, the danger of Covid-19 jab, and election interference and have all been proven to be true with little to no acknowledgement from our government agencies or the legacy media.

Not revealing the identity of the leaker also creates a lack of trust in our governmental institutions and justice system. Unfortunately, this is just another example that our country has a two-tier system of justice. Some people commit crimes and are never punished. Others are harassed, targeted and arrested. Ultimately the way you are treated has more to do with your ideology than your guilt or innocence.

As Christians we should mentally and spiritually prepare for what may inevitably come. We may be called upon in the not-so-distant future to suffer for our faith. Some are doing it already like Paul Vaughn a pro-life advocate, and  father of 11 children who was arrested by the FBI. Or the many cancelled priests who were removed from active ministry for speaking the truth. May God give us the courage and strength to faithfully face any opposition and the grace to stand up to the evil and demonic forces that are threatening our world.

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