Freedom Needs Sacrifice

What is missing from many conversations about restoring the greatness of America even among conservatives is the notion of sacrifice. No, not the sacrifice the Biden Administration is touting about in response to high prices everywhere finally admitting it is necessary to ensure the roll out of the New Liberal Order. Far from sacrifice, it is a programmed punishment on the middle class and the poor in an attempt to wrestle their freedom and place them under the thumb of the elitists who think they know better how to rule the world.  

The sacrifice which should be discussed is a principle rooted in an ancient and profound understanding of how humans live in a world which is fallen but still directed by the providence of God. Sacrifice correctly understood is a virtue which dictates a wiliness to give up something (even your life) for a greater good (human freedom) usually done for another. What comes to mind is the sacrifice of those many Marines seventy-seven years ago who were killed or injured when the took the island of Iwo Jima in 1945. Over 7000 were killed and 25,000 injured over five weeks of brutal fighting. These men certainly gave up their lives and bodily integrity so everyone in this country could remain free.

The counter-cultural revolution which has been raging now for about sixty years has taken its toll on the virtue of sacrifice. From the free love 60’s  where feminists and the gay right movement took root to the present, the virtue of giving up something for a greater good  either personally or in common, has been eroded steadily. What also has eroded during this time frame is the belief in traditional religious practice especially Christianity, which is the foundation and rationale for sacrifice.

The entirety of the Christian message revolves around the greatest sacrifice of all—the Son of God was incarnated and gave his life up freely for the salvation of humanity. When this belief comes into question or it is ignored totally, the virtue of sacrifice becomes absurd. Without the salvific foundation as our guide, sacrificing oneself for a greater good or a greater good of a community becomes an exercise in futility.

Giving up something for something greater is one of the first casualties of the war on the Judea-Christian culture. But of course, that has always been the objective. Without the will to sacrifice for another, the society becomes unraveled and individual wishes compete with each other and soon chaos ensues.  When the vacuum exists, the most powerful at the time, quickly rush in to seize control. Such was the case with the cultural revolution in China where the Marxists arrested power after a bloody long decade of cultural and societal collapse.

When a people who believe in the virtue of sacrifice are united, they become a very hard opponent to beat as evidenced by our military during World War II. If America wants to remain a free country, the notion of sacrifice needs to be reintroduced in Churches, schools and public squares. The new liberal order is hoping this will not be the case and their hopes for a takeover are seamless.

Hopefully good-minded people not only return to God but follow his example of sacrificing for the common good and the freedom of a fellow citizen as one of the foundational virtues a person can have.     

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