OK Boomer, But the Bell Tolls for Thee

Has there every been a more narcissistic, selfish, hypocritical, destructive, and morally bankrupt generation than the Baby Boomers

Maybe, but it’s hard to think of a demographic cohort that created more cultural chaos than the so-called “smartest gene­­­­­­ration ever” – lavishly praised by j­­­­­ournalists even dumber than they were. Time Magazine, which named the then under-25 Boomers its 1966 “Person(s) of the Year,” said of them: “Never have the young been so assertive or so articulate, so well educated or so worldly.”

They’re offspring of the “Greatest Generation” that managed to survive the Great Depression, defeat both Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany in World War II, and was still able to pass on the moral patrimony that had guided the Christian West for more than 2,000 years.

But despite the many material advantages their parents’ heroic efforts bought them – Boomers were the first generation in American history to attend college in large numbers – their spiritual and moral foundation was weak. So they buckled under peer pressure and became easy targets for the counterculture charlatans who ridiculed any allegiance to “God, family and country” and offered them supposedly consequence-free “sex, drugs and rock and roll” instead.

And when it came their time to hand over the baton, the Boomers fumbled it. Big time. Half a century later, their failure is not only painfully obvious, it continues to rot away at what’s left of the family, the Church and the country.

Case in point: Boomers’ Orwellian embrace of forcing untested COVID-19 “vaccines” on young children so high-risk Boomers can feel “safe.”

Never mind that young children have virtually no statistical risk of dying from the coronavirus, although there are already extremely disturbing reports that some kids are suffering severe adverse effects from the so-called vaccine itself.

Boomers were the ones campaigning for legalized abortion on demand when they were young because babies weren’t compatible with their liberated lifestyle. Now that they’re old, they’re willing to sacrifice the young again in a pathetic attempt to escape the Grim Reaper by demanding that even small children mask up and be forced to become one of Big Pharma’s guinea pigs.

These people have been sacrificing the young all their lives. Why stop now?

Ok, Boomer. But as Ernest Hemingway so memorably put it, “don’t ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.” You’re going to die anyway, but unlike your parents’ generation, it will be a coward’s death.

And then you will have to beg for the mercy you denied the innocent. 

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