Monkeypox: The New Health Scare?

Another man-made Health Emergency to Forward the Globalist Agenda

Apparently Covid-19 did not hasten the so-called “Great Reset” as effectively as the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) had originally anticipated.

Good Moral Compasses reported last summer how Klaus Schwab and friends hoped to leverage the misery and chaos of Covid-19 into an opportunity to fundamentally transform the world into their version of Nirvana with this ominous warning, “that nothing will be as it was before.” You can read that article here

Right now, the WEF, WHO and elite ruling class are gathered in  Switzerland to plot their next moves. Klaus Schwab in his opening remarks for the 2022 World Economic Forum’s summit boldly proclaimed with clenched fist at the 5:36 mark, “The future is not just happening, the future is built by us, by a powerful community as you here in this room.” These psychopaths are no longer cloaking their true intentions and evidently are not going away quietly, as we all hoped. The world is now at the beginning of Act II in this epic human tragedy.

After almost two years of lockdowns, school closures, masking, and forced vaccinations and the emergence of the less virulent Omicron strain, the populace around the world slowly but firmly began to push back against the lies, misrepresentations and tyrannical policies set forth by what were once considered democratic nations and the ruling elite.

We saw Justin Trudeau’s government freeze the assets of peaceful protesters, Australia holding people against their will in Covid concentration camps, and many in the USA losing their jobs for failing to take an experimental gene serum. Faced with the frustration and ire of the people, the WEF, WHO and ruling elite quietly pulled backed the Covid mandates in an attempt to squash an outright revolt. Many freedom-loving people worldwide celebrated, thinking this nightmare was finally behind us.

But this celebration may have premature as we now are beginning to see a new biomedical threat – monkeypox. Covid’s often benign symptoms of fatigue, headache, body aches and a runny nose were not just not graphic enough to scare people into complete submission.  This time the disease of choice has red oozing pustules making it all the scarier.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that Belgium with 4 reported cases has become the first country to quarantine as fourteen more countries now confirm cases. The transmission of monkeypox in Belgium was traced back to a gay festival held in Antwerp. In response, the Belgium authorities put out the following statement:

Monkeypox is a rare viral disease that occurs in West Africa and does not spread easily among the population. For transmission, a person must have had close contact with an infected person (including through droplet transmission), or contact with clothing or linens used by an infected person to transmit the infection. Monkeypox can therefore be transmitted through sexual contact. However, the risk to the general population is low.”  There is no recourse but to believe the health authorities now, but think back how much disinformation was propagated with COVID. It seemed every day the “science” changed. Could this be the same with monkeypox? Only time will tell.   

Despite the low risk now of the spreading of monkeypox to the general population, Joe Biden was reported as saying, “…it [monkeypox] is something that everybody should be concerned about. We’re working on it hard to figure out what we do and what vaccine, if any, may be available for it.”

According to the New York Post, the WHO is also set to convene an emergency meeting on the risk of monkeypox, and the United States. According to the New York Post, the United States purchased millions of vaccines after a case was discovered in Massachusetts. Millions of vaccines? Sure seems like Act 2 is coming to a theater near you soon.

Editors Note: Part 2 of the essay will be published on Thursday which correlates the new found disease with the global reaction of the elites with the squashing of human freedom as the only remedy to fight the next health crisis.

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