Liberty Lost

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For the past couple of years, the COVID pandemic has taken away more human rights globally than any traditional war. Sure, there were times in WWII when people were rationed and subject to curfews and the like. People during the war were willing to participate as a part of working toward the common good with the objective of a restoration of liberties once the enemy was defeated.

The war on COVID is quite different. The government spokesman Tony Fauci babbled on about masks, no masks and then had the audacity to claim if we follow the government’s mandates, a return to normal will follow. Spoiler alert, the government never wants us to get back to the normal before the awful pandemic.    

Too much has been already done in the name of the emergency to give up those wins. Take for example, the adulterated voting system which is anything but fair even though the Democratic keep screaming there can be no disenfranchisement. Does serious person believe there is going to be election reform when it comes to mail in ballots and electric tabulations?  Even if you have a modicum of belief in the election system, you have no idea when your vote is cast what happens to it after that. Every freedom loving citizen should be very afraid that in the near future, elections will be superfluous.

Then there is the immense power of the government to determine who will work and at what job.  Having the complete ability of determining whether an employee works for a private company was never before the government’s legitimate authority. In a clever way, the government manipulates companies and corporations to do their dirty work.  The demand employees get vaccinated or loose their job. Many courageous healthcare workers have preferred to resign rather than take a vaccine which may prove to be very harmful in the future, and they know it.

What is so sad, these frontline healthcare workers were told before the vaccine was developed, PPE would keep them safe. They worked and put their lives on the line for these hospitals and clinics, and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Those healthcare workers were manipulated before, and continue to be manipulated.   

As a matter of fact, every citizen is being manipulated. Perhaps we can get strength from those minority of nurses who refuse to succumb. These men and women are true patriots by following their conscience and conviction. What great role models because they have a lot to lose.   More people need to follow their lead because if you think following the government’s mandates will save you, you have only bought yourself a little time. Just around the corner, there is another absurd requirement and no one will be spared.

Reflect upon this truism. “If you don’t have your convictions, you have nothing.”

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