Health Care Employees are Expendable Even in Catholic Hospitals

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Health Care Employees are Expendable Even in Catholic Hospitals


Across the country many courageous heroes whose names you do not know are standing up for moral goodness. These men and women are highly trained professionals who have given most of their lives to treating the rest of us when we fall ill, and if that isn’t enough, they have put their careers on the line to stand up and say “enough” to the assaults leveled on them by the medical institutions who employ them and the government who wishes to enslave them.

The medical field once dedicated to the wellbeing of patients and those who care for them has lost sight of their mission in society. The pandemic and unconstitutional mandates for vaccination have only accelerated the demise.  There are no doubts medical institutions are in bed completely with the government primarily because of the amount of dollars they receive from socialized medicine such as Medicare and Medicaid. What is not reported, and is not known, is the amount of additional funds flowing into these regional medical facilities from the government. What has been reported is the federal government is subsidizing certain areas of payroll with a “pandemic” payment. A nurse who caught COVID was off of work as was meeting the requirements of the medical institution to stay home for 10 days. Upon receiving her check, she noticed it was taken from an account referring to the ‘pandemic’.  Are the pandemic payments a loan or is it a direct payment from the federal government? No one seems to know other than funds are flowing directly from the government to the hospitals and administrations.   

Like anything the government does by force, money is the linchpin. The simple but effective rule of the federal government (it seems only when Democrats are in power) is to follow the orders and the money will flow into you coffers. Disobey the governmental ruling class and the money dries up. It is not hard to figure out what side of the equation hospital administration will fall.  That is why the hospitals are in lock step with the vaccine mandates. They care little about their employees and their crisis of conscience about the fetal cells used in the production of the vaccines.

To prove the point, these hospitals have a sham religious exemption process. When an employee files for an exemption, a return letter is sent to them (the letter is the same for each employee) indicating they need more information about their religious convictions.  The exemptions are sent to some committee in the administration which more often than not comes back with a decision the employee did not exhibit a deep held religious belief against the vaccine. How much phonier can a process be?

First of all, the process is completely opaque, no one except the high brass know who is on the committee making the decisions or by what standards they use to make the decision. When an employee state they are prolife (probably sunk them already) and lives out the teaching of protecting the unborn, who are those on the committee to say otherwise?

What is also shameful and scandalous is Catholic intuitions refusing to grant religious exemptions to their employees.   Ascension Providence Hospital in Novi, Michigan denied a 650 of their workers a religious exemption. This is a Catholic hospital which doesn’t even grant the possibility their workers could object to taking an experimental drug which was developed using aborted babies? Truly, this is a scandal and probably driven by money. What a shame money now dictates doctrine.


A Word of Encouragement

For all of those nurses, doctors and aides who have been refused the religious exemption and still held fast to their beliefs, we honor you as true heroes. They are great examples to the faint hearted who can observe Christianity lived out.

Our prayers are with you all.

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