Evil is now Diversity in Schools?

Part 2

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are standard protocol in most public schools across the nation. The DEI platform spawned a new menace to society: Satan Clubs. Satan Clubs claim they are not trying to indoctrinate children. If the claim is true, why call the club after the Father of Evil?  At the very least, these clubs are intended to familiarize and decondition children about the horrors of Lucifer and what it stands for.  Sure, sounds like indoctrination.

What the Temple’s Motives Truly Are

The Satanic Temple’s after-school program will undoubtedly influence small children to believe there is not a God and to think the only reason for life on earth is to please and honor themselves alone. This club states the, “Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion that views Satan as a mythical creature representing individual freedom.” Again, complete balderdash. Throughout all of human history human beings lived and thought about the ongoing battle between good and evil in their lives. The two distinctions came forth as a belief in a benevolent God or a type of evil one, known to all civilization as the devil.  Using the name “Satanic” in any form, by definition means the organization falls within religious discourse of good and evil.

They also claim that they, “…support children thinking for themselves,” which is nothing more than a code for giving children the permission to be in direct opposition to the views of their Christian parents and grandparents. The old lie the devil used in the Garden of Eden is dusted off by his modern minions and represented to gullible and vulnerable children, who have little experience, wisdom and power to question and reject the lies presented to them. 

The flyer for the after-school program (shown above) has subliminal cartoon images of a devil with horns, a black cat, and a goat (Baphomet) with sunglasses. This is not an accident. These images are demonic in nature and although seemingly innocent on the surface, in reality are used to groom children into the occult. Christian parents under no circumstances can allow their child(ren) to attend these sessions.

In addition, parents and community members of good will in Moline, IL need to push back against this overt attack on the souls of your children. Make it uncomfortable for all the administrators and community members that allowed this club to be held at the school by speaking out boldly and respectfully at school board meetings. Host prayer services and peaceful protests outside of the school when the sessions are being held. Pray for your community as a parent from the district is the one who facilitated the club being brought into the school in the first place. 

Satanic Temple Is Bold and Brazen Promoter of EVIL

The Satanic Temple is also hosting what they call its first ever national convention or SatanCon in Scottsdale, AZ this February 11-13. The conference’s theme is “Lupercalia in Scottsdale.” Lupercalia was an ancient pagan Roman fertility festival complete with animal sacrifice and other lewd behavior. Where is PETA now? They also plan on discussing ways to promote more after school Satan clubs – so this evil could be coming soon to a town near you all too soon if there is not a pushback now.

Join the Fight Against Blatant Evil

Brave, laymen led by Jesse Romero (radio host and author) will hold prayer vigils outside of the hotel each day of the convention praying the rosary and other deliverance prayers. The diocese is encouraging all people to pray in their home parishes from 12:00 – 3:00 each day of the conference. For more information you can visit Jesse Romero’s site at AZRiseUpFaithful.com.

I suppose there was always some percentage of the population that practiced the occult. In the past, these people kept to themselves, hidden away, and did their wicked deeds in a forest somewhere in the middle of the night. Not anymore. They are now quite visible amongst us.

Evil is no longer hiding. We must fight back. Protect yourself and your family against the satanic influences in our culture. Start by limiting and carefully monitoring the content of your child’s digital consumption and your own. The advent of technology has only made this abhorrent material more accessible. Stay close to the sacraments and pray. Say the prayer of St. Michael the Archangel and the rosary daily if you are able. The Immaculate Heart of Mary will protect us from harm as God promised, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and your seed and her seed. She shall crush your head, and you shall lie in wait for her heel.” Gen 3:15

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