Catholic Charities and Your Donation

70% of Catholic Charities Money Comes from the Government

I recently received a financial appeal in the mail from the Catholic Charites office in my diocese. Catholic Charities claims there is an urgent need to raise almost $900,000 by May 1st in order to help local mothers. The appeal letter asks, “And who can provide strength and comfort to a mother who has fled a country ruined by war and ravaged by violence?” Oh, so I see how this works. The “local mothers” they are referring to could very well be illegal immigrants that were resettled with the help of Catholic Charities to our area from the southern border. Nice try pawning them off as locals.

While I do not have any issue with people of good faith coming lawfully from other areas of the world to seek a new life in the United States, I do have a huge problem with Catholic Charities aiding and abetting the drug and human trafficking cartels that prey upon hapless victims and their complicity in assisting the entry of radical terrorists and hardened criminals into our country.

The Federalist reports, in an article entitled The Bishops’ Misapplication of Catholic Charity, and the Evil on the Southern Border, that the Catholic Church collected $50 million for migration and refugee services in 2020 alone – which also makes me wonder why they need more donations from private citizens. My local dioceses’ 2020 annual report stated that 70% of its total revenue came from, “Fees and Grants from Government” which totally makes Catholic Charities subject to the demands and whims of non-Christian, secular governmental agencies.  What is this unholy alliance that the Catholic Church has entered into with our government and its global allies, like the United Nations and George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation, that are often diametrically opposed to the true and unchanging doctrine of the Catholic faith?

Complicit Clergy produced a video featuring investigative journalists from Real America’s Voice. According to the video, 40% of the caravans consist of women and children. Former ICE Director, Tom Horman, has personally witnessed the tragedy and human carnage at the border. He claims that he has spoken with a 12-year-old girl that had over 22 samples of DNA in her, and that 31% of women are raped on the voyage through Mexico. In a disturbing scene, bras and panties were hung up in trees along the route by the coyotes as a trophy of their conquest. To make it easier to enter the United States, many of the migrant children are sold to young men to create the illusion of a family, and then are sent back home risking additional danger on the return trip. Many of these same children are sold into service again in a process called “recycling.” Eyewitnesses have reported that some of the children appear to be drugged.

Catholic Charities workers at the Mexican American border, some sporting MS-13 tattoos, also facilitate unaccompanied minors to foster homes around the country. Secretive hotels paid for by NGOs like Catholic Charities are housing migrants and giving them packets of information on how to get passed TSA checkpoints in airports without any personal identification. Wouldn’t these children be better off remaining with their biological parents? Are the foster homes even safe?  Are these children immediately recruited into gangs or sold into prostitution? One can only wonder what really happens to them when they reach their final destination who knows where.

According to the Federalist, 95% of all illegal immigrants hire a coyote to assist them across the border which has empowered the cartels – the worst possible element in Mexico. Human trafficking is now more lucrative than drugs, however fentanyl is still pouring across the Mexican border and according to the CDC, drug overdoses in the United States are rising at alarming rates. Gang violence fueled by drug turf wars in cities is also on the rise according to the New York Times as murders saw the highest increase in one year since records began being complied in 1960. The New York Times reports that, “Still several cities, like Albuquerque, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee and Syracuse, recorded their highest homicide numbers ever, according to the report.” Most of those killed are young black and Hispanic men.

Catholic Charities and the Catholic bishops of the United States are complicit in creating a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. By actively participating and encouraging mass migration, these Catholic organizations are contributing to human suffering. Not only is there death, rape, exploitation, trafficking and slavery along the treacherous journey across the border, the ramifications of the criminal cartels that are allowed a free pass into our country will continue to hurt countless American citizens for years to come. Attempting to show mercy and compassion for one group, that either intentionally or unintentionally creates chaos and destruction for others, is not mercy at all. It is a false, phony form of virtue.

The Catholic Charities appeal letter I received ended with this request, “Please make the best gift you can.” Well, here is the best gift I can give to our MC readers. Do not, under any circumstances, financially support Catholic Charities. No one can guarantee exactly where the funds are going to, and if the multiple reports from the border are correct, many of them have been used to assist illegal immigration and all its evils. This is not to say we should not help people in need as this is our duty as Catholics. I am sure there are those in your own family, parish or neighborhood that could use assistance right now, so please help them instead. But if you choose to make a donation to Catholic Charities, know that you too will be complicit in the human tragedy unfolding at the southern border.

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