Religious Malpractice

Civil authorities around the country are now starting to push back against the scourge of the LGBTQ+ agenda and its immoral targeting of underage children. Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, released an opinion regarding current Texas law that quite rightly identifies unnecessary transgender therapies like puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and reassignment surgeries as a form … Continue reading Religious Malpractice

The Threat to Democracy- Trudeau

The left is constantly yapping about the 'threat to democracy". Now we see the real threat. Justin Trudeau's Canada is now under martial law in response to a peaceful protest. HOW IT ALL STARTED Canadian truckers staged a nationwide convoy and “park-in” to protest the draconian Covid-19 policies established by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal … Continue reading The Threat to Democracy- Trudeau

Evil is now Diversity in Schools?

Part 2 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are standard protocol in most public schools across the nation. The DEI platform spawned a new menace to society: Satan Clubs. Satan Clubs claim they are not trying to indoctrinate children. If the claim is true, why call the club after the Father of Evil?  At the very … Continue reading Evil is now Diversity in Schools?

Evil is now Diversity in Schools?

THE DISTURBING TREND OF SATAN CLUBS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Unfortunately, Satanic imagery is on display all around us as too many Christians sit by idly. Have you heard about the blasphemous baby Baphomet dressed in swaddling clothes at the Illinois Statehouse at Christmastime right next to a nativity scene, Christmas tree and Menorah?  How about … Continue reading Evil is now Diversity in Schools?

The New Pro-Life Generation

The pro-life movement has made incredible strides with the younger generation. Many youth groups have made this the civil rights issue of our time as they work to abolish legal abortion in our country. According to March for Life, “Young people are increasingly pro-life, which is evident as thousands of youth travel to the March … Continue reading The New Pro-Life Generation

Children are Used as Pawns in COVID Fight

The Chicago Public School system, serving about 340,000 students, has reached an agreement about returning to the classrooms following a long Christmas break. The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) president, Jesse Starkey an avowed socialist, was not completely happy with the deal struck with the city.  The same old talking points about “safety” the use of … Continue reading Children are Used as Pawns in COVID Fight

Archbishop Viganò a True Prophet

Archbishop Carlo Mario Viganò, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America, in a recent address has called for an anti-globalist alliance to fight the totalitarianism and tyranny we see being enacted simultaneously all over the world. You can see or read the entire address here on LifeSite News.Archbishop Viganò drew worldwide attention … Continue reading Archbishop Viganò a True Prophet

Are They Cancelling Thanksgiving?

Cancel culture has now come to kindergarten. What’s on the chopping block this time? Unbelievably, the classic Thanksgiving Feast featuring kindergarten students dressed up as either pilgrims or native Americans having an absolutely wonderful time, sharing popcorn, deli turkey meat, fruit, and pumpkin pie.  Just a few short years ago, this brazen cancellation would have … Continue reading Are They Cancelling Thanksgiving?

Climate Change is a Political Club

With the Green New Deal being forced down the throat of the American people by the radical Democrat left, it well past time that we challenge the predications and hypocrisy of those making these ridiculous claims. Rabid environmentalists and climate change academics and scientists have been making wild apocalyptic predictions for almost fifty years about … Continue reading Climate Change is a Political Club