Authentic Women Embrace Life

Girls and young women have been indoctrinated and encouraged by our secular culture to be obsessed about their physical appearance; disassociating sex and marriage; ending a life in the womb is as an explicit “right”; and, to pursue career goals ahead of everything else. It is no wonder that many of today’s women find themselves living a life that is devoid of any joy or fulfillment and are chronically stressed and anxious.

True beauty comes from within. It is no coincidence that those that have had Marian apparitions describe the Blessed Virgin Mother as the most beautiful woman that they have ever seen. Instead of teaching our girls that true beauty comes from within and is a result of purity, humility, piety and modesty, the culture teaches them the contrary. The obsession with physical appearance is exacerbated by social media as most young girls and women plaster their images all over the internet in an attempt to be noticed and affirmed. What they are looking for is confirmation that they look pretty or sexy – not that they are good and holy woman.

Girls from an early age are told through music and media they can do anything a man does and often this translates into using vulgar language and gestures, drinking in excess and participating in promiscuous behavior. All of these actions degrade a woman and her ability to use her God given talents to nurture and care for others.  Women have also been told that in order to become empowered they should express themselves as they feel instead of guarding and protecting their virtue.

 If in the course of this unlimited “expression” they irresponsibility conceive a child out of wedlock, they are told they have the right and choice to terminate the pregnancy through abortion. Imagine in any other context someone condoning a mother who murders her child for convenience. Feminists who push for abortion as a right have done a great disserve to their sisters.  Abortion kills another human being and also permanently and profoundly harms the women and the father who choose the horrible option Many studies have shown the long term physical and psychological effects that abortion has on women and those involved. Project Rachel documents these studies in detail.  

Feminism has also given a pass to men. No longer do men have to honor a woman or make a commitment to be in a loving relationship. How many women do you know who are cohabitating with their boyfriends and want to get married, but are forced to wait until their significant other is ready? Often these relationships end prior to marriage and if the couple does get married, the incidence of divorce is higher than for those couples who do not live together. Divorce often leaves women as single mothers forced to raise a family on their own without the financial and moral support of a father in the home. 


Feminism has Fooled Women into thinking their lives are more fulfilled without openness to life

Feminism has also fooled women into thinking a career is the highest possible calling and that having children and a family will keep you from pursuing your own goals and dreams. Many women throw themselves into careers in their prime child bearing years only to find themselves childless and sad. These women realize too late that they were sold a bill of goods. Some married women will put off having children to build their careers only to find that as they age, they are not able to conceive and suddenly, their grand life plan goes spectacularly “off the rails”. No matter what the job or profession is can never be as fulfilling as raising a family and caring for the needs of that family.

My advice to young women is simply this– Be virtuous and pray to know the vocation God has planned for you. Be open to life and respect it, by engaging in a an appropriate way. Embrace the miracle of motherhood and the joy it brings. Prioritize your family over your career as there will always be time to work when your children are older. Use the Blessed Mother as your role model for she embodies the grace, goodness and love that all women should strive to imitate.


Hail, Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. 



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