A Very Important Election Day

Today has been categorized by some political analysts as the most important mid-term elections since 1862, when the United States was in the throes of the Civil War. Unfortunately, this sentiment is not mere hyperbolic exaggeration. Our country has been split asunder by the Democrat party that is allied with powerful global forces that desire to radically alter our constitutional republic into an atheistic, transhumanist, communist hell hole.

For the past few years, the Democrats, working as the instruments of their global cabal puppet masters, have become increasingly emboldened and have aggressively pushed their immoral and depraved agenda on the masses. With the specter of World War III on the horizon and in the midst of financial uncertainty that surrounds us, one thing is perfectly clear – we cannot seek a compromise or try to work with those who seek our ultimate destruction. One side is going to win. One side is going to lose. If they win, the freedoms that generations of Americans fought and died for will be lost forever. We must collectively defeat these forces soundly at the ballot box today to send a message to the world that the land of the free and the home of the free cannot be given up without a fight.

The Democrat party has been lying and gaslighting the American people for years. By stoking racial fears and emphasizing identity politics, the country has suffered grave division and been held hostage by radical activists. Families and communities have been torn apart. Well-meaning people fighting for our freedoms have been cancelled as racists, bigots or deniers. Some have even been fired, arrested and thrown in jail.

While we are suffering all of this misery at the hands of the Democrats, members of their party have blatantly lied about how their opponents have colluded with Russia. They have lied about the deleterious impact of the Covid-19 lockdowns. They have lied about the mRNA vaccines being “safe and effective.” They have lied about the inflation rate and the cause of high gas prices. Now just days before the mid-term elections they are trying to claim that Republicans will cancel Social Security and Medicare, raise taxes, and end democracy. Have they no shame?

In every election, in every state, at every level (both locally and nationally) it is incumbent that faithful Catholics and Christians:

  • Vote for pro-life candidates and remove from public office those who continue to promote the slaughter of innocent unborn babies as so-called women’s rights.
  • Select candidates that do not advocate for forced medical procedures like mRNA vaccines to attend school or retain employment.
  • Reject anyone who supports “gender affirming” medical interventions like sterilizing cross hormonal treatments and mutilating surgeries.
  • Remove those who allow the grooming of children in public schools through a radical LGBTQ curriculum.
  • Cast away any politicians who actively promote Critical Race Theory (CRT) which is inherently racist.
  • Defeat those who advocate no cash bail policies for hardened criminals which has been shown to dramatically increase violent crime.
  • Toss out of office elected officials that allow our open border to be an axis for human trafficking and child abduction.

Today we must work like everything depends on us, and pray like everything depends on God. So, get out and vote and say a few prays for our nation that God may once again “shed his grace on thee.”  

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