Vax, Lies & Videotape

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If you still had any lingering doubts that the “jab” that was supposed to keep you from getting and/or dying from COVID-19 and its seemingly endless “variants” was at best a complete failure and at worst a bioweapon, just consider the latest news from Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. Forty-four of the 6,074 passengers and crew aboard the cruise ship tested positive for the “omicron” variant even though they were required to be fully vaccinated AND test negative for the coronavirus before they were allowed on the ship.

Lest you think that was a fluke, consider the fact that the NFL just revised its testing protocols after fully vaccinated players were testing positive for the omicon variant as well.

And not one, but two high-quality studies found that after 6 to 8 months, the infection rate for vaccinated individuals was 89 per 100,000, nearly six times higher than for people who had acquired natural immunity! Their infection rate was only 14 per 100,000.

The whole point of a vaccine is to inject a killed or weakened germ to help your body’s immune system identify and fight that specific microbe. But this is not happening because the “vaccine” is not a vaccine at all. Even Moderna’s own “fact sheet” admits that “the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine” and “does not contain SARS-CoV-2.”

And the jab can kill you.

The CDC’s own early warning Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has seen an explosion of reported deaths allegedly from the jab: 19,532. That’s compared to an average of under 400 vaccine-induced fatalities a year between 1990 and 2020. In fact, as of November 26, 2021, more deaths were reported in connection to the COVID vaccines than from all other vaccines during the past three decades!

And even that 19,532 figure is believed to be only a fraction of the deaths and medical injuries connected to these injections. The real death toll from the jabs may be as high as 140,000 people.

Yet the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate is trying to force Americans to take a shot that could kill them or cause serious harm (see VAERS) to “protect” them from a virus that has a survivability rate of 99 percent for most age groups. This is not only a violation of the Nuremburg Code and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but a blatantly unconstitutional intrusion on Americans’ bodily integrity and religious rights.

Writing in the June 22, 2020 edition of Scientific American, Dr. William Haseltine, founder of Harvard Medical School’s cancer and HIV/AIDS research departments, warned that “there are risks that come with a fast-tracked [vaccine]. … One serious adverse event per thousand of a vaccine given to 100 million people means harm to 100,000 otherwise healthy people.”

The CDC itself has admitted that there is no evidence that people who contracted COVID and are therefore naturally immune have ever transmitted it to anybody else. So why are some people being forced to take the jab anyway or lose their jobs?

The incessant lies being told by the mainstream news media about these so-called vaccines, which as we have seen are neither safe nor effective, and their continuing attempts to censor any information that would present the real truth to the American people show that the media is an integral part of an evil global cabal that not only launched this viral bioweapon against humanity, but is now using fear tactics to intimidate people into voluntarily signing up as pharmaceutical guinea pigs – with most of our government officials, health care providers and religious leaders going along with the charade.

But there are a few brave souls who dare to speak the truth.  

“Two years after this grotesque farce started, which has claimed more victims than a war and destroyed the social fabric, national economies, and the very foundations of the rule of law, nothing has changed in the policies of Nations and their response to the so-called pandemic,” Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano wrote in a recent letter to the American people, adding that “the opposition to the pandemic farce and the vaccination obligation must be determined and  courageous on the part of each of you.”

We can no longer trust the government, the media and the health care industry to have our best interests at heart. After so many false statements and revisions, how do we know that other vaccines, including flu shots, are still safe for us and our children?

Answer: We don’t.

Will we be determined and courageous enough to oppose this plandemic and put our trust in God, the Author of Life, or will we succumb to fear and meekly surrender our rights and perhaps even our lives to those who do the bidding of the Prince of Lies?

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