Are They Cancelling Thanksgiving?

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Cancel culture has now come to kindergarten. What’s on the chopping block this time? Unbelievably, the classic Thanksgiving Feast featuring kindergarten students dressed up as either pilgrims or native Americans having an absolutely wonderful time, sharing popcorn, deli turkey meat, fruit, and pumpkin pie.  Just a few short years ago, this brazen cancellation would have been unheard of, but recent events have accelerated very rapidly, and the communists are now on full attack and are succeeding in erasing our memories, history and traditions. And the motivation for the termination of this popular and adorable childhood event? Well Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) of course!

Under the guise of DEI, elementary school administrators and teachers now feel that it is “insensitive” and “demeaning” to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving through the traditional Thanksgiving Feast featuring pilgrims and native Americans. How dare a 5-year-old play dress up with either paper pilgrim hats/collars or feathers/buckskin. The cultural appropriation of native American dress is not to be tolerated so the whole beautiful story of these two different and distinct worlds coming together in thanksgiving to share a meal is now relegated to the trash bin of history.

Do you think this is just happening at left leaning progressive schools in California? If you do, you’d be wrong.  A teacher at a Catholic school in the Midwest let us know that her administrator told the faculty at a weekly meeting at the beginning of November that there would be unequivocally NO Thanksgiving posters, lessons, or classwork featuring pilgrims and native Americans. To prove that the administrator was not totally unreasonable, she did allow turkeys and pumpkin pies to be discussed and displayed in the classrooms. Sadly, not one teacher was bold enough to ask whether the story of the pilgrims journeying across the vast Atlantic for religious freedom was allowed. We have heard that teachers in this school are clandestinely still teaching the story, and good for them, but it sure is a shame this has to be done on the down low in a religious school.

We should not be at all surprised as this bold mandate from school administrators has been taken from the exact same play book that the communists have used for years when taking over a culture. First, start with the young. Indoctrinate them with revised history. Then demonize some and make others victims in an attempt to divide the population. Check on all counts. The story of Thanksgiving is one that unites us as a nation and that is exactly why the communists want it obliterated.  What is so sad is that a story of bravery, courage, compassion and gratitude may be lost forever from our collective conscience.

Make sure you don’t let the schools cancel your child’s Thanksgiving and the wonderful memories that come from this celebration. Share the story of how the pilgrim’s risked life and limb to travel on a perilous journey to come to a place for religious liberty and the opportunity to live as free men and women. Tell them the story of how Squanto, an outsider with no tribe of his own, helped the pilgrims plant crops, fish and hunt to survive a rough winter in the new world. Tell them how the feast the pilgrims hosted for the Wampanoag was in thanksgiving to God for his graces and blessings that helped them survive and gather a bountiful harvest. Tell them how the two different peoples gathered together in friendship and fellowship. Teach them the value of trust and faith in the Almighty, hard work, generosity, and gratitude as these are the real lessons of Thanksgiving.

May you and yours have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

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