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Recently a very bizarre and disturbing Weekend Update segment aired on Saturday Night Live (SNL) under the guise of humor. It was a skit with actress Cecliy Strong playing the character of “Goober the Clown” who talked about an abortion she had as a young woman. It is not clear if the actress is referring to herself or not during the segment as she breaks character on one occasion. If you want to view this entire grotesque segment you can see it here.  



Misinformation about abortion

“You are not an awful person and your life is not over.”  Actually, anyone who had an abortion was selfish and irresponsible, and unfortunately the life of their unborn baby is over. “Here’s my truth. I would not be a clown on T.V. here today if it wasn’t for the abortion, I had the day before my 23rd birthday.” 

the only truth that matters

There is no such thing as “my truth.” The truth is the truth whether it hurts or not, and it appears that this actress or the writers who created this skit must be in much pain as the character recalls the exact day, she lost her baby to abortion.

“We will not go back to the alley, the last thing we need is a bunch of dead clowns in a dark alley.  It’s [abortion] going to happen so it ought to be safe, legal and accessible.” There are a bunch of dead babies in dark alleys – all behind Planned Parenthood.

One has to feel some sorrow and pity for women like this who try to justify an abortion. You may recall the insane “Shout Your Abortion” campaign that encouraged women to publicly post how they ended the life of their unborn child on social media.  These women are obviously still in great pain and traumatized by the violence of abortion, hence this ridiculous public display.

Most current pro-choice supporters both male and female, including way too many Catholics and Christians, are in this camp and have justified their own flawed choices and assuaged their guilty conscience by supporting a so-called women’s right to choose. Until those who have had, or somehow contributed to the abortion of another, admit they made a mistake and make amends, there will be no peace for them. 

The abortion lobby exploits these suffering individuals into continued support for their evil agenda.  They lie to them telling them they are ostensibly good and it was their “right” to kill another human being. They propagate a false notion that one cannot be successful if they have a child. They refuse to acknowledge scientific evidence that a fetus is a human being at the moment of conception and suffers great pain during an abortion, regardless of the gestational period.

If you have had an abortion or coerced someone else into having one, first admit your mistake. You must know in your heart what you did was wrong.  Maybe you were fooled by those that told you it was okay. Maybe you were young and did not know where else to turn for help. Maybe at the time you did not understand the gravity of this act. But you know now, especially if you have other children. The solution is simple – ask for forgiveness. God will forgive you.

Then make amends and support the pro-life movement and work to end the abortion industry in this country. There are a lot of great role models like Abbey Johnson who had a complete and stunning conversion. Abbey worked for Planned Parenthood in Texas for eight years and now runs an organization called And Then There Were None which assists those trying to leave the abortion industry. It may be too late to save your own unborn child, but you can save the life of someone else’s. 

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