Fallen World

At the beginning of time when our first parents had the gift of many choices, specifically eating from every tree except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. After the Devil tempted Adam and Eve, they succumbed to his pressures and broke God’s commandment and ate from the tree they were forbidden to eat. From that moment on, our first parents were banished from the Garden of Eden and were told they would suffer in childbirth and toil would be their lot. Because the first transgression, evil first entered the world and remains still. That is not to say good has been obliterated, but rather good and evil are commingled. See “greater good” or “lesser evil”.

Paradise which existed at the beginning of creation no longer exists. The opportunity of the “new paradise, ” which is heaven, has been won by countering the disobedience of our first parents with then obedience of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.