The Ongoing Pandemic is Communism 2

Communism is the greatest and present threat to Christianity

The destructive ideology of Communism is knocking very loudly on the door of free countries including our own. The danger is real and poses the greatest threat to Christianity in recent memory. Becoming aware of the evilness of communism and the destruction it has sown in the world is something everyone should be aware of and reject outright.

More Communistic atrocities

Inkstone News (a Hong Kong publisher) reported in 2019 that, “More than 330 million induced abortions have been carried out in China since the one-child policy was implemented in the early 1980s. Many couples were pressured or even forced into having abortions so they would not violate the policy.” Simply put, the CCP is the deadliest communist regime in history and they continue, unopposed by the rest of the world, to commit crimes against humanity with impunity.  

Recently the AP and BBC reported that the CCP has forced sterilizations of the Uighurs (Muslim minority in China) and have isolated them into labor reeducation camps. If that is not enough to condemn this evil regime, the CCP has also been caught ‘red handed’ in the theft of intellectual property as well as the suppression of religious freedoms especially for Christians. LifeSite reported that Christians were required to remove pictures and crosses of Jesus and replace them with pictures of the party president, Xi Jinping in order to receive financial aid from the government. In some cases, homes were raided to remove religious icons.

Chinese citizens do not have true freedom or possess any civil rights. They are assigned social credit scores based on their adherence and support for the party. At any time, access to funds and the ability to travel may be revoked without provocation. Any dissenters are either arrested or turn up “missing.”

Marxist regimes have historically created chaos in a society. They tear down everything, rewrite history and intentionally stoke the flames of division. Brother is pitted against brother, children are pitted against their parents.

Those who will not comply to the party’s beliefs and demands experience social and financial isolation and must partake in struggle sessions where they are shamed. One only has to look at the events of the last year to see this playing out right now in our own country. The rise of cancel culture, suppression of free speech and deteriorating religious freedoms we have all seen have an eerily familiar ring and are right out of the Marxist playbook.

Communism has been an abject failure where ever it has been attempted.  Since it is based on Godless principles it is doomed to create chaos, deprivation, and death wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head. Then why are so many of our young people and those trained at elite universities attracted to this ideology? Simply put, the whole truth has never been told. 

Evil influences have infiltrated academia and many of our trusted institutions have rebranded and sanitized communism into some kind of social justice, equity theory, or building a better world narrative.

All Christian educators must teach about the horrors of communism

 All Christian teachers and instructors at every level of education from elementary school to higher education need to know the truth about the failure of communism

A quick review: over 100 million dead; 330 million aborted; forced sterilizations; and, other human rights abuses. Teachers should inform students of the horror and terror this political ideology which has inflicted a punishing result over the last 100 years.  

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