“Racism” is Inherent in Critical Race Theory

skin color is the only criterion of the goodness or evilness of a person

Recently, Andrew Gutman, a parent of a daughter at a prestigious $58k per year private all-girls school named Brearley, published a letter objecting to Critical Race Theory promoted by the school and its Trustees. He said the theory is being taught to students regularly and is enforced by a “anti-racism” pledge demanded to be taken by parents.  He has since removed his child from the institution.

Mr. Gutman, in his compelling argument, claims the school is “…desecrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and utterly violating the movement for which such civil rights leaders believed, fought, and died.” His letter is here.

Mr. Gutman has every right to complain.  Schools and school districts adopting this radical belief system are doing irrevocable harm to the students in their care. Critical Race Theory (CRT) posits that people are racist without even knowing it – what’s more, they cannot even help it.  CRT teaches young children that based on the color of our skin some people are oppressors (white) and others are permanent victims (black/brown).

what is critical race theory and why is it so harmful?

CRT teaches children to view everything through the prism of race. What could be more racist then to teach children to identify the skin color of a classmate to determine relative worth? As Mr. Gutman clearly points out the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King is in shambles. In MLK’s mind, equality and true fairness can only be achieved when individuals would be judged on the content of their character – not their skin color.

CRT’s main teaching curriculum centers around narratives and stories from personal experiences. Some of them are fictional in nature. Students wade through these various vignettes and try to “feel” what it is like to be a person of color. White students are also asked to name their privilege and denounce it. In a sense, white students are asked to denounce their own identity. This creates an unhealthy emotional situation where young white children are taught to feel guilty for or despise the family of their birth. CRT does not allow for personal responsibility or free will.  

For more information on this divisive theory visit  The Heritage Foundation page on CRT found here.

write letters to school administrators and boards

I encourage you to reject CRT if it is taught in your child’s public, private or parochial school. We applaud Mr. Gutman and, if necessary, follow his lead by sending letters to your administrators, board members and other parents to expose the harmful effects of CRT. 

Parents are the first and best teachers of their children. As such you do have a role to play in improved race relations. Below are some practical ideas to promote in your family:


  • Teach your child that all people are made in the likeness and image of God and because of this we are to treat every person with dignity and respect.
  • Do not allow racial slurs in your home as a way to foster this respect.
  • Share your abundance with the poor as an act of charity. Let your child know how blessed you are and that it is your responsibility to help others in need.
  • Help your child understand that any judgments we make regarding others should be based on what they do and say not merely on physical appearance.
  • Teach your child personal responsibility and that there are natural consequences for choosing to enact sinful behavior.
  • Reject unwholesome secular music and media which often portray entire groups of people in an unfavorable light.
  • Pray together as a family and when age appropriate, discuss current events not through the lens of race, but through the lens of faith.


We need to bring back religious morals and values to our children that promote the dignity and respect for all God’s children. It is only then that we will have peace and see justice for all.

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