Present Politics is a Cancer: Why Should You Care? Part 1


A recent Wall Street Journal/ NBC poll concluded 80% of Americans feel the country is spiraling out of control. The stunning admission of how an average American view the socio/cultural trajectory of the nation as treacherous, is not an exaggeration in the least.

The fear of America’s future is due in large part to the constant political onslaught influencing every major institution in the country. For a long time, the realm of politics was reserved mostly to political “geeks” who enjoyed the process while the average American only dipped their toe in the pond occasionally, perhaps only voting every two or four years, or not at all.  The rest of the time there was no interest in the minutia of when a street would be repaved or what some obscure building code was being proposed.  

Now, things have changed, and every Christian should be interested in politics because it has very far-reaching moral consequences.  In a free society, politics usually is the healthy way to implement, through debate and concession, policies for the common good for all citizens. Today, it doesn’t seem politics is fulfilling its mandate of adding to the common good.

Political systems (worldwide) have become very unhealthy and the symptoms of the disease are observable even to the average person who instinctually know something is wrong, referenced in the poll cited above.   

Much like medical disease, political systems can be helped or even cured if the disease can be contained or limited. What is difficult to contain or even cure is when a disease process has metastasized. Metaphorically, politics has become cancerous and the cancer has invaded many of the major organs of society.

Why Should You Care?

Because politics is vehicle by which changes are made in a democratic system of government.

The immoral changes happening now affects your own personal life and the lives of your family now and in the future.   A Christian has a duty to know what is happening.  Those who are paying attention can’t help but notice a wholesale takeover of almost every institution making up our culture and society.

A short review can easily illustrate the transformation, although it is by no means an exhaustive list: 

  • Churches are not free to open their doors to worshipers without huge concessions to the government.
  • Tax payers are paying for abortions and the government is selling aborted baby parts.
  • The laws on the books are arbitrarily followed or changed to promote certain social and cultural changes.
  • The family is being decimated by the constant perversion on the natural structure given to us by God through the falsehoods of “gender fluidity”.
  • Hollywood and the music industry have long been a political action committee for the advancement of immoral practices and willingly continue to do so.
  • Professional and even college sports have succumbed to the political pressure and have also aligned themselves to a fabricated notion of social justice.
  • Public schools and universities actively participate in promoting the cancer by indoctrinating children and young adults by shaming them if they do not agree to follow the Marxist narrative.
  • School Boards across the country are politicizing your child’s education experience giving license for teachers to indoctrinate your child in opposition to your values.
  • Corporations funded primarily by the citizen’s investments hide behind their shield of a “private company” having the right to implement policies congruent with the present totalitarian masters of power.
  • People are cancelled if they do not utter the responses those in power wish to hear.

These are just some examples, there are many more. It should give very Christian pause and deep concern.  

Part 2 to follow.

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