Present Politics is a Cancer: Why Should You Care? 2

Part 2

The previous post highlighted the adverse influence politics has on many of the major institutions of society. The list far from being exhaustive is nevertheless quite alarming and for some, overwhelming. The immensity of what can be perceived as unsurmountable, is part of the strategy tyranny employs to demoralize the populace. The tactic has long been used because it still works. 

Notice the modus operandi of the evil strategy. The first stage of the insidious act is to attempt to remove all hope. When hope is extinguished, then there is no reason to move forward and fight against the enemy.  In World War II, the Japanese military used the exact same game plan by flooding the airwaves with the voice of “Tokyo Rose” in an attempt to convince the GI’s their efforts would be futile. Evil forces work diligently to crush all resistance by first convincing persons there is nothing they can do to fight.  

Christians can’t give up hope because we would deny the faith we believe and profess. Hope is one of the hallmarks and necessary element of Christianity. Christian tradition speaks to the faithful to hold on to hope because good will triumph over evil, not just in the afterlife, but also in the present.

3 things you can do to fight for the good

Continue to pray often for the good to prevail. In conversing with God on a continual basis, your theological virtue of hope will be constantly renewed. Prayer also helps you to refine your own moral compass but making clearer what human actions are of God and which are not.

stay informed

Even if you have an aversion to reading or listening to current events or political squabbles, it is necessary to know what socio/ cultural/ political environment you are living in. Ignorance is not blissful. You can’t just bury your head in the sand thinking the issues of the day will not affect you or your family.

Do your part by resisting evil wherever you see it

Before an anyone can resist evil, there must be an internal dissent against the very essence of the evil. No one acts before first internalizing an action. Although not all persons have the capacity to resist outwardly, every Christian has the power to dissent against evil acts interiorly. A Christian has a duty to abhor and dissent a policy of a government which sells aborted baby parts or other such evil practices.

Think about joining the team to save souls, not ruin them; that’s what a Christian does.

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