Nancy, Are Aborted Babies Sacrifices?

In the immediate aftermath of the conviction of Dereck Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, politicians raced to any available microphone they could find and proclaimed Mr. Floyd’s traumatic death was a sacrifice for the cause of social justice and change. 

One prominent politician, Nancy Pelosi is quoted as saying, “Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice, for being there to call out to your mom…” 

Nancy Pelosi THANKS George Floyd for ‘sacrificing your life for justice’ | Daily Mail Online

The narrative Pelosi promotes is almost “Messiah-like” comparison insinuating Floyd’s death might be on a par with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the salvation of the world.

From all of the evidence produced in this terrible case, there does not seem to be any credible evidence George Floyd willingly gave up his life. If he did, there would be no murder conviction.  

Obviously, Pelosi is using a truly heartbreaking situation to strengthen her own for political power and her rendition of proper social change. Her position as Speaker of the House has a lot of influence on the public’s thought and practice, so her words can be very influential.  

The terrible situation surrounding the whole incident of Floyd’s death is nothing less than tragic. Christians never wish the premature death of any person. Steps should rightly be taken to curtail future events like this one. But can we categorize George Floyd’s death a sacrifice without naming all the aborted deaths as sacrifices too?    

Using her logic, she should see the aborted babies as sacrificing their lives for a greater good of society.  Of course, she doesn’t. Can’t help but ask, why are those killed babies not the reason for social change? The aborted babies are the epitome of a victim of a violent act.  They are completely innocent without a voice and are not responsible for any circumstances surrounding their deaths.

The answer is pretty simple, justice does not extend to the most vulnerable of society. The aborted have no rights under law, they have only become pawns used to assert the deceptive argument of  a “woman’s right and health”.   

Nancy Pelosi has often times told the public that she is a practicing Catholic. Many people know the Catholic Church holds fast to its teaching on the intrinsic evil of abortion. She apparently doesn’t care or does not believe that the unborn are persons with rights and the presumption of a defense, precisely because of their vulnerable state of life.

Unfortunately, Pelosi seems to believe defending the unborn doesn’t have the same political capital as do other cases of violence in our society.

If you want to call Floyd’s death a sacrifice; then Nancy, call abortion a sacrifice with the hopes it will change our society to be more moral and civil. True justice is supposed to be for all persons, not just some. Isn’t that what you are fighting for Nancy?

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