Freedom is First a Theological Principle

There is a lot written on this site about the abuse and corruption of the present political milieu, and, with good reason. What is at stake is the freedom many have grown up with, is steadily being eroded in all democratic based countries across the world.  What is also at stake is the salvation of souls who willingly or unwittingly remain apathetic to the obvious falsehoods presented to them on a daily basis.   

Political Power’s Plan to Take Over Freedom

Whenever there is a radical political revolution in a country, the perpetrators of the insurrection begin to work on absconding first, the most basic of all human rights: life and freedom. Before governments begin to limit these rights, there is a concerted propaganda blitz to soften the resolve and convince the public the proposed policy is for their benefit even though it is not.  

The plan mimics the marketing strategy often known as the rule of 7.  Basically, research indicates a person needs to see an ad seven times before there can be any impression on the product or proposed changes in policy. If you need any proof, take note of how many times Facebook has advertised on television recently promoting internet regulations. The basic gist of Facebook ads is the young user of the internet has changed in their 20 years of life on earth, with a contorted conclusion, the internet should change too.  A very ambiguous message which could be construed as a strengthening of free speech and freedom, but very doubtful with Facebook’s record on censorship and the quashing of freedom with the mail in election antics.

Human Governments of any kind Are Not the dispensers of Freedom and life

When it is determined the public has been sufficiently been indoctrinated with the “message” the final step is to begin to implement the totalitarian agenda against the battered, uncaring, or too busy to bother individuals. The authority in charge now seems to have the power to grant freedom or restrict it according to their own whims.

Freedom and human life are not inventions of any human entity, even though it appears they have the power to grant it or not. The only authority they have is secondary to the source, the individual human person. Too many persons in the history of the world have abdicated the gift of their freedom to a government who only sees the human person as only a small part of the immense machinery of the state.

Human Freedom and life are paramount to any human existence because those two rights are given to every person by the source of freedom and life—God Almighty.  No government, nor person, or groups of persons can ever morally take away those rights of an individual. No individual can morally cede those individual rights to a government either. Being busy, afraid or any other reason is not sufficient to absolve someone from throwing “pearls to the pigs”.  

Every person who wants to live in freedom and be free, need to be steadfast in their belief that life and freedom are God’s gift, not governments. If there is a fight for freedom, and there should be, it is a fight to respect profoundly God’s gifts to his people.  

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