Fool me once shame on you. . . Fool me twice shame on me…

Bad reporting is one thing, but when the media continually lies about the facts of a story, it is quite another. Yet, the American public is continually subjected to falsehoods masking as the truth through media outlets.

If the falsehoods reported were rare, then perhaps one could forgive and even explain away as a “fog of war” phenomenon. Clearly, the major media outlets intend to promote falsehoods for their own benefit. The clear benefit is profits and propaganda.   

Real Clear Politics reported that Project Veritas produced a video in which a CNN producer Charlie Chester admitted his news outlet had knowingly promoted falsehoods about the Russia collusion story in an effort to hinder the reelection prospects of the President. Chester later admitted the next false story promulgated will be climate change.

Somewhere along the line the corporations which own the major media outlets, figured out there is more attention drawn to a story which is sensational regardless whether the truth is told or not. The more spectacular, the more people are lured to the story, and the more profits roll in.

The corporate model of the major media outlets with the help of unethical politicians, seems to be a circular money making machine with no regard to the unraveling or harm it will have on society.

Here is how it works. The media picks out emotionally and politically charged stories and if the facts support their ideology, they will report it as it unfolds because it brings in viewer or readership. But what if the story is not sensational enough or meet their social agenda? That’s when the fabrications start. Why? Because interested people is money in the bank .

It doesn’t matter if the facts are true or not, money and public influence is free for the taking.  Round and round it goes, a circular self-perpetuating business with a big megaphone.

When the truth inevitably comes out different from initial reporting, there is no retraction,  no apology, no setting the record straight. All they do is ignore the truthful facts because the story is now well passed the expiration date.  Let’s not forget, there is no money in setting the record straight.

The mass media rightly assumes the public will forget or better yet, not care when the truth finally surfaces. Unfortunately, the media complex is correct because they bank on then fact of the small attention span and apathy of the public. The model works well, it creates ongoing profits without any accountability. The media’s motto should be, “rinse and repeat”.

Just this week, Gateway Pundit reported the truth came out about the Capital Police officer Brian Sicknick’s death. The facts indicate he did not die from a fire extinguisher being thrown at his head in the heat of the January 6th alleged insurrection plot as first reported.  On the contrary, the Medical Examiner concluded he died of natural causes. Tragically for his family, Officer Sicknick died from having suffered two strokes not attributed to any head trauma.  Again, no retraction, no correction, no apologies from the mainstream media.

There is only fact we can know for sure, there is one thing which has reached its expiration date: “Fool me once”.

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