Are the Recent Cyber- Attacks Really Independent Events?

Not Everything is a Conspiracy Theory, At Least the Way You Understand it

Before you come to a hasty conclusion about conspiracy theories, think back when the pandemic started. The American people were told with the utmost certainty the COVID virus came from a wet market in Wuhan, China and originated in some obscure bat species.

Over and over again, St. Fauci the prophet, told citizens lies about the source and transmission of the deadly virus. Any person challenging the State’s position with another possible reason for COVID was summarily silenced, and smeared as a group of conspiracy theorists. To the chagrin of the left, those theorists were proven to be correct.

In the past half year,  facts emerged proving  Fauci repeated false statements to the press and country. They weren’t false because of excusable human error. They were false because Fauci purposely mislead the nation trying to hide his nefarious actions with tax payer’s money and the Chinese government.

One of the strategies of the left, of which Fauci is a part of,  seems to work over and over again. The assumption of the public being non-informed or apathetic.

Those who are informed challenge and catch those perpetrating falsehoods to the public often revert to the ‘Hilary answer’ perfected years ago, “It’s all a right-wing conspiracy against my husband (or pick your own object).”  And if that doesn’t’ work, the old favorites of white supremacy and racism always seem to do the trick.

Two Cyber Attacks on Products Americans Use every day

Presently there seems to be other questionable events happening in America with no further information or apparent connections to anything, or least the left would like you to believe. Just a month ago, CNBC reported the hacking of the Colonial Pipeline with a ransom price of 5 million dollars on the low end or even some estimates of a whopping 90 million in bit coin to cyber criminals.

The hack of the Colonial Pipeline during the early part of May, caused shortages of gasoline on the east coast of the United States having a big impact on the pocketbooks of many middle class and poor citizens throughout many states. In Virginia, ordinary people were forced to pay $7 a gallon for the lowest octane gasoline. Even with the exorbitant price, lines formed formed for blocks at gas stations reminiscent of the Jimmy Cartel days.

Just yesterday, USA Today reported on another cyber-attack on the largest meat supplier, JBT, having their Information Technology departments both in the United States and Australia. The attack apparently shut down 5 of biggest plants in the United States. So far, no ransom has been demanded, but you can bet it will be a big one.

A Little too Coincidental

It is quite curious the two last and biggest cyber-attacks happened to industries despised by the left: fossil fuels and meat consumption. Both industries and consumption are anathema to the green new deal agenda.

It doesn’t matter in the least, to those who promote the green new deal, who has to pay the price for social change.  What they especially don’t care about is the policy hurts the poor and the middle class the most.

Their lives depend upon those commodities. And if they fail to survive, well, the government is there to right the ship and complete the Marxist takeover.

If there is a connection, one might ask, “why?” The answer could be elementary. Perhaps, it is one of the first salvos to condition American citizens about the potential shortages of both these products.  And when the public is sufficiently brainwashed and beaten down, the heavy artillery can finish the job withy no resistance.

Conspiracy or  coincidental? Smart money is on the latter.   

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