Can’t Open the Schools Because the Teacher’s Union Tells CDC Not To

unelected teacher's union is given the right to make public policy by the cdc

The New York Post reported they have obtained emails through the Freedom of Information Act which prove the second most power teacher’s union in the country worked with the CDC and White House to craft language to keep the public-school systems not fully open. 

The collusion is shocking and surfaces disturbing trends: The CDC has lost its independence as a scientific organization issuing public health recommendations based on science; and, unelected unions have been given the right to write public policy without due process of the American electoral system. 

The first talking point was about protecting the children. When science proved the school-aged children were the least vulnerable population to be infected, the cry  about teacher’s health took over.  The truth is 80% of teachers are already vaccinated. The percentage didn’t stop the Teacher’s Union insinuating there is still a huge risk.

Using the pandemic as the reason for new national school policy, the Teacher’s union and their members have lost nothing. There has not been one paycheck missed by any educational professional. You can be sure of this fact by looking at your recent real-estate tax bill, a good portion of dollars goes directly to public education. No reductions will ever be seen.

Corruption always has victims and the victims are the parents, children and extended families caught up in the mess. There is no one talking about how very difficult it is for parents to follow the local virtual learning guidelines.

The virtual learning nonsense has forced the parents of children to take on the majority of the teaching chores for their children.  To date, 58% of K-12 schools have not opened fully despite the $129 billion given by the federal government to assist school districts  in the reopening.  The result of this folly is parents are expected to fill up the rest of the time by teaching or finishing the lesson of the day.  

Typically, parents are doing a good portion of the work a full paid teacher should be doing without any financial benefit or other support. Why should they have to do the “lion share” of teaching while a licensed teacher stays home and collects a full salary?

Why? Because the Teacher’s union says so! After all, we are told the Teacher’s union and its members are combatting the virus too.

In the previous post, Mary Accipiter chronicled the harmful effects of virtual learning. She suggested all students are harmed and the poorer students harmed the most. Without a doubt, the insistence on virtual and hybrid learning as advocated by the union is victimizing both the parents and their children and directly hurting the structure and harmony of the family.

for the good teachers who care

For all of those good teachers who care about their students its time for you to go to your union steward and start lobbying them to open the schools for the benefit of everyone.  You have a family yourself and just imagine if you had to quit your job or reduce your hours of work so you can attend to your children?

Sadly, this is what many families have to do. Not to mention the added stress on families which can be easily alleviated.

You should be aware the union dues you pay religiously are used to support the political party working hard to keep public schools only half opened. Both National Education Association and ATF have donated over $32 million for politcal posturing. No wonder the unions believe they  have the right to make public policy.

Let’s face it, it’s never been about the children or science.  At the very least we can thank God for Catholic and private schools.

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