Beware of the Marxist Hiding Behind the Iceberg

Nothing But a Straw Man Argument

What a sigh of relief—the polar bear population is growing. The magnificent white bears of the north introducing their numerous fluffy cubs to the world are a strange way to proclaim the truth about global climate change. How ironic, nonrational creatures by their growing numbers speak more about the truth than do some rational human beings.

The biggest problem with the climate control argument is it represents a straw man argument. The not so disguised inference of those who want to dramatically change the way in which the world produces and uses energy, suggest that continuing on the same path we are on now, is tantamount to total earthly extermination. And if the earth goes away, all of the selfish people are to blame.

The propaganda spewed out comes as a constant drum beat reprimanding the public and trying to convince them their own personal use of fossil fuels is sinful and must be stopped immediately. The climate control hysteria keeps telling people to believe in the science, and if you don’t, then you must want the earth to be polluted and you willfully desire the death of its innocent animals. How noncaring can you be?   The straw man “proof” is now complete.

Climate Change is a "Means to an End" Marxists Are Using for Political Gain

It is hard to imagine any authentic Christian really wants to pollute the earth and kill the animals. Pollution is nothing more than a smoke screen and is not the true subject matter.  Quite the contrary, it is a means by which Marxist (synonymous with Communism) ideology promotes their evil causes. One of its goals is the destruction of traditional Christianity.  

It has been known for some time, the power in Communist systems mandated its citizens to take down the crucifixes in their home and replace it with the State leaders’ picture.  A clear but constant reminder the State is first and foremost and its citizens must be completely loyal and obedient.

The present-day Marxist scheme is a bit more sophisticated, instead of crushing religious belief with good old fashion force, they have found out it is quite simple to change a belief system from of a personal relational God into an ambiguous adoration of Mother Earth, an irrational created entity. Top it off with a skewed moral system which keeps preaching the animals are dying because of fossil fuel consumption. But never will you hear from them about the babies killed in the womb, who will never see life at all, or the countless murders committed in cities daily in major cities across the world.

Whatever version of Marxism you wish to employ, this ideology is antithetical to Christianity and is responsible for over 100 million deaths since the Russian Revolution. One thing is for sure, numerous violent and unnatural deaths occurred in the world every time Marxism have been implemented.  The Church has opposed to Marxism since its beginning. In 1937, Pope Pius XI specifically condemned Communism and urged Catholics not to collaborate in political or social endeavors which have foundations in Marxism.

Mother Earth is the ‘in” God and saving her the new “faith”

So many citizens have been hoodwinked into thinking conservation is itself the cause for which they should have ultimate concern. It has become a religion in itself.  And why not? The great lie keeps proclaiming a person can be absolutely righteous by adoring Mother Earth and remain sinless by not using plastic straws or natural gas.  

No wonder its popular, “just worship the earth” and ask forgiveness of my environmental sins, and I am a good and righteous person.  No need to repent from any part of my old traditional immoral life to become righteous. I dutifully accept my penance by buying and driving my $70K electric car or telling the hotel not to wash my towels.  See what a good person I am. Win, win.

Marxism can claim a win, win too.  No obvious violence needed to change minds. Just plant the seeds undetected. Those Marxist seeds are specifically designed to enslave the greatest of all creation—the human person under the banner of earthly stewardship. The loss of Christian faith in lieu of the adoration of a non-divine god, is the beginning of the casualties you can expect to see when Marxism takes root in the country.

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