Abortion Industry and Universities are Partners in Inhuman Experimentation

university researchers are returning to Nazi style medical experimentation

The medical profession, institutions of higher learning and the abortion industry are complicit in unspeakable crimes against humanity that are on par with the work of the infamous Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele. These experiments are supported by Tony Fauci’s NIAID and paid for by taxpayer funding. A graphic warning for our sensitive viewers – what you will read below will shock you to your core.

Life Site News published an article in Dec. of 2020, based on the investigative work of Stacy A. Trasncos, exposing the University of Pennsylvania researchers conducting experiments of grafting the scalps of 18–20-week-old aborted babies onto mice to create a chimeric human/mouse freak organism. What was observed after the horrific procedure was mice were growing human hair.

Not only is there an all-out attack on human dignity with abortion, these evil scientists degrade human dignity once again by splicing human cells of a human being, who has an immortal soul, with an animal which was never created to immortal.  

These same scientists didn’t stop the demonic practice with just human hair cells, but also used liver stem cells and lymph tissue from a human aborted fetus, again into a mouse.

The university openly published a paper extolling the benefits of this research contending they were studying pathogens that target skin. If you have the stomach for it, you can read the entire Life Site article here and view pictures of the humanized mice. 

Aborted baby parts are also used in vaccines. The following vaccines have all used cell lines in either the creation of the vaccine itself or in the research leading up to the creation of the vaccine:  MMR, hepatitis a, chickenpox, and one version of shingles and rabies. Life Site also reported in March of 2021 that, “As for experimental COVID injections, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca both use aborted fetal cell lines on which to grow the virus for their vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna, for their COVID-19 injections, used the aborted fetal cell line HEK293 for the research and development of their vaccines.”

Moral implications

For those who have no belief in God whatsoever, might argue that these experiments are for the greater good and that since the child is unwanted and already deceased, so why not make a good out a bad?  The reasoning is inherently immoral because an evil means can never justify a good end.

By using faulty unethical premises, those in favor of such experiments simply use it as a justification for the continued trafficking in human body parts. In addition, certain cell lines must be removed while the child is still alive or they are not of any value to scientists. In some cases, the baby is delivered through cesarean section and then operated on while still alive without receiving any anesthetic and the living tissues and organs are removed.

The information about the barbaric experimentation comes from a whistleblower and former doctoral student, Pamela Acker, who was working on vaccine research at Catholic University of America, yes you read that correctly, Catholic University!  The research project at the lab she was working at was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ms. Acker also sat down with John-Henry Westen, Co-founder and Editor of Life Site News, for an interview and you can view it here. This particular video had 150,000 views on YouTube before it was removed and the Life Site channel was suspended. Ms. Acker also wrote a book entitled Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective where she outlines the need to treat unborn children not just as spare parts for our use, but as a unique human beings with a distinct body and soul.

In a chilling nine-hour deposition, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, known as the Godfather of vaccines, admits that healthy babies that were 3 months and older were used in order to harvest their organs and tissues. The following body parts were cut into pieces and then cultured: pituitary glands, spleen, lung, heart, skin, and tongue. You can watch that video here.

So far there are only a few church leaders that are questioning these barbaric practices. Among them are Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Bishop Strickland of Texas.


Are we so afraid to die that we are willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable among us to extend our own lives? Are we so desensitized to the practice of abortion that we are willing to turn a blind eye to these shocking practices? Educate yourself on the horrors of using baby body parts and demand your lawmakers stop funding this kind of research and pray for an end to this evil practice. 

For more information on how you can fight biomedical research using aborted babies and ethical vaccine alternatives see this website: Children of God for Life.

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