Resist Grooming—It’s Evil

Resistance is Not Futile – It’s Necessary During World War II, the Resistance was an important element in the ultimate defeat of the German war machine. The Resistance was comprised of underground groups of civilians who worked behind the scenes during the Nazi occupation of Europe. Although those working for the Resistance were not under … Continue reading Resist Grooming—It’s Evil

As the Worms Turn

"Who scapes the lurking serpent's mortal sting? Not he who sets foot upon her back. The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on…"   -Henry VI, Part III Remember how politicians, election officials and the media kept repeating over and over again that the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election – held after many states’ election laws … Continue reading As the Worms Turn

The Rich Man’s Torment

The past two weeks the Gospel message was presented by the use of parables. The first was the Prodigal Son followed by the story of the embezzling manager of the rich master.  Today’s teaching is also in the form of a parable, staring the poor beggar Lazarus. Not the same Lazarus who was the brother … Continue reading The Rich Man’s Torment

Steve Friend Does Have a Conscience

Last week Good Moral Compasses (GMC) opined about the moral vicissitude of the rank and file FBI agents participating in the ongoing political raids against American citizens who defy the Democratic leftist machine. Rightly, GMC questioned how agents vowed to uphold the Constitution could participate in such raids, for without them, the practice of punishing … Continue reading Steve Friend Does Have a Conscience

The Hardship of Illegal Immigration

 Illegal immigration in the United States has reached an all-time high since the Biden administration took over the reins of government last year. It has been estimated that nearly 4.9 million people have entered the country illegally since Biden became president. Along with the influx of illegals have also come the logical consequences of federal … Continue reading The Hardship of Illegal Immigration

You Cannot Serve Two Masters

Last week, the familiar parable of the Prodigal Son depicts a younger and immature son coming to his senses. He finally returns to his father only after realizing his life was spiraling out of control and his demise was near. Today’s Gospel message, also takes the form of a parable, and the conditions are similar … Continue reading You Cannot Serve Two Masters

FBI and DOJ, What Happened to Your Consciences?

A couple of days ago the "pillow man,” Mike Lindell was detained by the FBI at a fast-food restaurant and was issued a subpoena  from the Colorado Grand Jury demanding he turn over his phone.  Lindell has been exercising his First Amendment right to speak out against the ruling class. Apparently, the FBI and the … Continue reading FBI and DOJ, What Happened to Your Consciences?

The Traditional Latin Mass

I had the opportunity to attend a Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) this past Sunday at my parish. My decision to seek out the “Mass of the Ages” was partially based on curiosity and partially based on convenience. Let me explain. I had heard about the dramatic conversion of the wayward actor, Shia LaBeouf, who has … Continue reading The Traditional Latin Mass

Another Leak? Spare Me

Recently, the struggling Washington Post published an exclusive story about a leak generated from the Department of Justice indicating the Trump raid yielded a document about a foreign country’s military and nuclear capabilities.  What exactly the document revealed is unknown, other than the vague description of highly, highly, highly, super extra duty top secret. I … Continue reading Another Leak? Spare Me