Catholic Charities and Your Donation

70% of Catholic Charities Money Comes from the Government I recently received a financial appeal in the mail from the Catholic Charites office in my diocese. Catholic Charities claims there is an urgent need to raise almost $900,000 by May 1st in order to help local mothers. The appeal letter asks, “And who can provide … Continue reading Catholic Charities and Your Donation

Does Trump Know Something We Don’t?

Musk Buys Twitter NBC reported yesterday, Elon Musk has bought Twitter and plans to take the company private. Early on when rumors started to swirl about Musk’s wishes to buy the social media platform, commentators from every corner waited with bated breath hoping Musk would save the world from censorship.  Musk stated, “I also want … Continue reading Does Trump Know Something We Don’t?

Believe Jesus is Risen

Charles Colson, former White House counsel for President Nixon, who was best known as the mastermind of many political dirty tricks in the Nixon administration said this about the Resurrection after he had a Christian conversion while serving time in federal prison,“I know the Resurrection is fact, and Watergate proved it to me. How? Because … Continue reading Believe Jesus is Risen

You Should be Turning Red

A Review of Disney’s New FilmLast week Good Moral Compasses made a convincing case to dump Disney as the company’s actions are directly attacking the psychological and emotional well-being of children. You can read these articles Time to Dump Disney & Disney Hurting Children for an in-depth analysis.Now we provide our readers with more proof … Continue reading You Should be Turning Red

Progressive Atheist Shocked by Violence of Abortion

It’s not only people of faith who are pro-life. Even a progressive atheist like Terrisa Bukovinac is sickened by the Abortion Holocaust happening in this country every single day.Bukovinac, a 41-year-old resident of the District of Columbia, is executive director of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), a pro-life group she founded in October 2021. The group does … Continue reading Progressive Atheist Shocked by Violence of Abortion