Are They Cancelling Thanksgiving?

Cancel culture has now come to kindergarten. What’s on the chopping block this time? Unbelievably, the classic Thanksgiving Feast featuring kindergarten students dressed up as either pilgrims or native Americans having an absolutely wonderful time, sharing popcorn, deli turkey meat, fruit, and pumpkin pie.  Just a few short years ago, this brazen cancellation would have … Continue reading Are They Cancelling Thanksgiving?

Feast of Christ the King

One way of understanding the significance of the Feast of Christ the King is to recall Jesus’ conversation with Pilate shortly before his death. Pilate asked Jesus three questions in an effort to understand how this lowly and humble man could even remotely be associated with kingship.  Pilate himself having a taste of royalty, albeit … Continue reading Feast of Christ the King

Climate Change is a Political Club

With the Green New Deal being forced down the throat of the American people by the radical Democrat left, it well past time that we challenge the predications and hypocrisy of those making these ridiculous claims. Rabid environmentalists and climate change academics and scientists have been making wild apocalyptic predictions for almost fifty years about … Continue reading Climate Change is a Political Club

When a Down Syndrome Person Became an Agent of Grace

Elizabeth Laurel in her August 12, 2021 post reported the staggering number of abortions occurring worldwide to babies who were determined to have Down Syndrome.  Too many parents do not want to bring to term these individuals for many reasons;  but the one common denominator for all of them is a Down child is "imperfect" … Continue reading When a Down Syndrome Person Became an Agent of Grace

Admit You Were Wrong and Be Free

Recently a very bizarre and disturbing Weekend Update segment aired on Saturday Night Live (SNL) under the guise of humor. It was a skit with actress Cecliy Strong playing the character of “Goober the Clown” who talked about an abortion she had as a young woman. It is not clear if the actress is referring … Continue reading Admit You Were Wrong and Be Free

American Classrooms a Source of Porn

The current state of the American educational system should be setting alarm bells off for any parent who deeply cares about their child’s welfare and their emotional well-being. Schools across the country, even in traditionally conservative states and towns, are spewing radical political ideas, by conducting totally inappropriate sexual conversations; sharing sexualized instructional materials with … Continue reading American Classrooms a Source of Porn