Silence of Christian Bioethics

For the past fifty years Christian Bioethics served as the counterbalance between the meteoric advances in medicine questioning whether the procedures are morally licit. It is the familiar adage, “it can be done, but ought it?”. A simple example of the relationship between medicine and Christian Bioethics can be seen with the advent of IVF … Continue reading Silence of Christian Bioethics

Medical ‘Best Practices’ Ditched for Money

During this mess we call the COVID pandemic, the medical establishment worldwide has abrogated their expertise and best practices following without questioning the apparent experts of medicine—totalitarian government leaders. With the exception of a very few, politicians have never attended medical school nor are they degreed in medicine. Credentials do not seem to matter; their … Continue reading Medical ‘Best Practices’ Ditched for Money

An Open Letter to Cardinal Cupich

We received the following open letter addressed to Cardinal Cupich from an employee of the Archdiocese of Chicago regarding the mandatory vaccination mandates the diocese has imposed on all clergy and lay employees. Dear Cardinal Cupich,I have been employed by the archdiocese of Chicago for over twenty years. In that time, I have served at … Continue reading An Open Letter to Cardinal Cupich

The Truth Causes So Much Anger

Have you noticed lately how much anger there is in the progressive movement? The movement unabashedly claims the transformation of society is the only way to cleanse a culture which has always been tainted and immoral. Without a doubt, the culture is being transformed in the progressive image, from the rise in perverted sexual orientations … Continue reading The Truth Causes So Much Anger